Voice Over Actors

Whether you are at a JFK Experience play, or lecture you will hear professional voice over artists assisting Mike in telling the story. These voice over artists give life to the people in JFK’s life. For instance, you can hear what Rose Kennedy, the Ambassador, Jack’s World War II shipmates, his brothers and sisters as well as historical figures of history, said about him and the times. We are fortunate that so much time has passed since the assassination because more conversations have been revealed as time goes by.

Each time you hear a voice over artist speak, then you are hearing what that historical character actually said. In other words, these voice over artists are re-creating the actual historical record and represent primary source research….. some mundane, some provocative and some astounding.

On this page, you’ll get a chance to meet a few of the voice over artists who have contributed to JFK Experience and sample some of their fine work. Each voice over talent is interviewed and asked a few questions. Each is asked the following:

  • Tell us a little about yourself?
  • What did you learn about your character?
  • What did you learn about JFK and his family?
  • What research do you do to prepare for voice over work?

No single interview is longer than 2 minutes. And each interview reveals something different about these voice over artists, some have a connection to Kennedy and some to their character. But each voice over artist tells a unique, informative and revealing story. So sit back, relax and listen to these talented people.


Alternate text

Phyllis Gordon

Phyllis Gordon = Voice of Rose Kennedy

Jerry Goodwin

Jerry Goodwin = Voices of “Old Man” Joe Kennedy, Naval Ensign, John Harllee, Eugene Foncannon, Al Cluster, Jack Degman

Heather Bonin

Heather Bonin = Voices of Catherine “Kate” Holway, Kay Halle, Kennedy neighbors

Ted Zalewski

Ted Zalewski = Voice of Earl “Cap” Leinbach

Kevin Groppe

 Kevin Groppe =  Voices of Choate instructor & roommate, Harold Tinker

Cynthia Small

Cynthia Small = Voice of Luella Hennessey & Evelyn Lincoln

"Lem Billings"

Steve Phillips

 Steve Phillips = Voices of Joe,Jr.and Lem Billings

Jeff Bellin

 Jeff Bellin = Voices of John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald and  Kennedy neighbor

Annie Kerins

 Annie Kerins = Voices of Eunice & Kathleen Kennedy, Inga Arvad, Dorothy Tubridy and Kennedy neighbor

Dave Cook

 Dave Cook = Voice of JJ Maher & PT 109 shipmate