JFK Experience provides historical entertainment in three very distinct and dramatic ways:

1. Mike Lowe on stage as JFK in a one-man-show.

The first is by reciting from memory some of Kennedy’s most memorable speeches.  As one attendee to a JFK Experience show commentated, “Mike Lowe live is better than JFK on tape.”

JFK Experience can determine which speeches best fit your group, conference or theater. If your group is interested in “social justice”  “patriotism” “theater and the arts” “military preparedness” or any other theme, then we can accommodate your needs by choosing the combination of speeches for you.

There is, however, one common theme throughout all of Kennedy’s speeches, that every audience can expect – Mike Lowe’s recreation of Kennedy’s unmistakable cadence, intonation and accent, as well as, Theodore Sorensen’s soaring, inspirational and lofty rhetoric.

Click here for a list of available JFK speeches.

2. Mike Lowe delivering lectures about JFK, family and historical events.

The second way in which JFK Experience delivers historical entertainment in a distinct and dramatic way is through a JFK narration. This 20- to 30-minute look at an aspect of Kennedy’s life can be chosen to complement one of the themes your group wishes to present.

JFK narrations are all accompanied by compelling slides for a visual experience, as well as, professional voice overs for an auditory experience.

Click here for a list of available JFK Narrations.

3. Mike Lowe as JFK or not delivering JFK’s mosting inspiring speeches.

Stuff here about the speeches.

When making your decision

  • JFK Experience offers a standard show.
  • A standard show is a combination of speeches and a narration.
  • You can choose to have only speeches or only narrations, if you wish.
  • A typical theater show is 75 minutes in length. (Can vary to accomodate your needs)
  • JFK Experience offers keynote or after dinner programs.
  • Conferences of 2 or 3 days can highlight “breakout” themes on 2 or 3 days.
  • Theaters can offer a 4 day “comprehensive” JFK Experience.

JFK Experience is uniquely interactive

An innovative aspect of JFK Experience is the “Question & Answer” portion of the show. After every speech or narration, Mike will extemporaneously answer questions from the audience. This portion of the show is typically an audience favorite.

Depending upon the theme, setting and venue, Mike will answer any question “in character.” Audience members, theater attendees and conferees are encouraged to study and prepare ahead of time and test Mike’s knowledge.

The “Question & Answer” segment of JFK Experience is reminiscent of  Kennedy’s live press conferences — a great innovation in themselves. As daunting as it may seem, JFK Experience will attempt to bring Kennedy’s grasp of the facts and sardonic wit to your group.

Contact JFK Experience to discuss your program.