JFK Experience provides historical entertainment in three very distinct and dramatic ways:

The first way is Mike Lowe on stage as JFK in a one-man-show.

Mike Lowe is the only actor who performs as John Kennedy on stage. Currently, JFK Experience offers 3 different plays. Each play is unique and each play is set in the Oval Office. And each play employs multimedia. Each researched, written and produced by Mike Lowe.

First stage play – Growing up Kennedy & I am a Mucker!

Second stage play – Lieutenants Kennedy

Third stage play – Listening in, conversation with Kennedy

Click here for more detail about each play.

The second way is Mike Lowe delivering lectures about JFK, family and historical events.

Since Mike is an expert in the life of John Kennedy and his family, he gives lectures about specific areas, events and aspects of his life. Each lecture is accompanied by power point and voice over actors. The audience is encouraged to ask questions. And no question or aspect of Kennedy’s life is out of bounds or off limits.

Click here for a list of available lectures.

The third way is Mike Lowe as JFK (or not) delivering JFK’s most inspiring speeches.

In JFK’s accent and all from memory, Mike delivers Jack’s most memorable speeches. Mike will give the historical context for the speech, deliver it, and then discuss the ramifications of the speech.

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