Witnessing Mike Lowe’s rendition of John F. Kennedy’s speeches , at a reunion of former Marine Corps personnel in Portland, ME, is a dramatically moving experience. I closed my eyes and felt as if I were listening to JFK himself. Mike expertly zeroed in on the key parts of numerous speeches to make the greatest impact on the audience. He has mastered the tone, pitch, cadence and intonation of the late President Kennedy.

Video and film archives are wonderful, but they cannot match the indescribable quality of Mike Lowe’s “The JFK Experience.” The room simply hums with an electric sense of excitement. The passion that Mr. Lowe brings to these performances is absolutely magical!.

“The views expressed here are those of the individual and do not reflect the official policy of position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense or the U.S. Government.”

Major Robert J. O’Brien, US Army, Fort Leavenworth, KS

I would like to thank you for the program you did for the Norman Rockwell Museum.  The audience was captivated by your presentation hanging on every word that you delivered. You brought Kennedy back to life for some and animated a figure in history for others, what a remarkable talent.

Touching on important moments during Kennedy’s life and linking them to historic events and then weaving them into the fabric of everyday life. Your program had something for everyone…World history, the Civil Rights movement, the Space Race and (Kennedy) family dynamics. You created a vivid portrayal of Kennedy worthy of being in any museum. Thank you for exceeding our expectations with your research, professionalism and, of course, your memorable performance. I can only imagine how hard it is to emulate a person who many remember and cherish. We look forward to working with you again.

Thomas C. Daly – Curator of Education – Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA

I just wanted to tell you that both my wife and I can still recall with a great deal of feeling your impression of President John F. Kennedy at the JFK Lancer banquet in Dallas. Quite honestly, it was the emotional highlight of the conference. I cannot put into words how listening to you affected us…..Watching you, I felt like I was actually seeing JFK speak those important words. Listening, I could swear that he was actually on the stage. My wife had the same reaction. It was a very emotional experience and very sad, but, most of all, a very beautiful experience.

Nicholas & Margaret Anez, JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas TX

A letter to the editor, The Concord Journal , Concord, MA 

At the Emerson Umbrella last Saturday night, theatergoers were transported back to a time when we were young, when our national leaders were the envy of the world, and when, as a nation, we were bold enough to take on new frontiers.

Storyteller Mike Lowe was our guide. He portrayed President Kennedy’s words in the context and intonation as the president had: talking about his religion in the Deep South during his campaign, his dreams for America on the day of his inauguration, and his firce confrontation with totalitarian force during his famous speech in Berlin.

Mike Lowe’s representation of a speech President Kennedy gave at Amherest College was particularly striking. In it we were reminded how much the president was influenced by all the arts and by poetry in particular. Poetry provided that leader an insight into power that spoke to the soul and guided the president through crushing moments of impossible choices. Kennedy celebrated artistic individualism and the power it gave to foster a different, sometimes contrary, view of the world.

So I would like to thank Carrie Flood andCarol Krauss for all the work they do to keep an arts center like Emerson Umbrella such an integral part of Concord’s cultural community. I would also like to commend Mike Lowe for his brilliant performance and, through President Kennedy’s words, giving me my country back.

Massachusetts State Representative Cory Atkins

Dear Mike:

Thank you again for bringing our audience an incredible performance of the JFK Experience! There was quite a buzz in the theatre lobby and at the reception afterward about how smoothly you presented Kennedy’s persona and how well researched your biographical information was on his family and naval service during WWII.

Our audience survey forms reflected in writing how much people enjoyed the program with comments like:

“I have always been a fan of the Camelot years. This actor brought back so many memories of the way JFK galvanized this country to embrace the power of community goodness over self-ness.”

“Mike Lowe taught me lots of things I did not know about the Kennedys.”

“I love American history and Mr. Lowe brought one of my favorite presidents to life. We so enjoyed this dramatization.”

“We appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and dialogue with the speaker in character. It stimulated much conversation on the way back home. Thank you, Gilcrease (museum) for making our Veterans’ Day meaningful.

I’m so pleased you agreed to come to Oklahoma. You made our city’s celebration of its veterans’ services very special this year.

Deborah Burke, Assistant Curator, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa OK

Further comments about JFK Experience:

The “JFK Experience” is expertly crafted and performed. It was a memorable evening. S. Wood

He (Mike) possesses great acting skills and a wealth of fascinating information about JFK and the historical context in which he lived, J. Reo

His delivery of each speech permitted the audience to enjoy the extraordinary well-crafted writing of Sorensen and Kennedy and to listen to the unique cadence of Kennedy’s speaking voice. L. Frank

The resurrection of these speeches should be regular reading in civic classes today. S. Connelly

Mike’s reverence for the historical record and his meticulousness in research and preparation, combined with his astounding talent for re-creating President Kennedy’s words, cadence and tone give rise to a visceral emotion that approaches awe. D. Greene

To a fascinated and enthralled audience, Lowe delivered inspiring speeches originally conceived by  and written for the late President Kennedy. M. Wallin

The way you do it is unique and wonderful. T. Moor

The next performer is completely unique…in less than a minute the entire restaurant is silent. Townonline – press release

I was transfixed by your performance. M Heaton

You will touch so many people’s hearts. P. Humphreys

Your separate narration of the particular event and different people of that time made it even more memorable. L & J Havel

He can dominate any stage. E. Schmidt

Mike Lowe’s recreation…powerful and impressive. M. Delaney

Mike Lowe is eloquent, inspirational and convincing. C. Perreault

This performer has something much bigger to contribute than a performance alone. D. Jackson

Incredibly moving performance, hearing JFK’s Civil Rights Address. A. Crane

I closed my eyes…It felt as though JFK was actually speaking. F. Ruzzano

Mr. Lowe live …is better than JFK on film. E. Ralph

His presentation is full of strength, interest and knowledge – much like his material. T. Irving

Everyone loved your performance – comments like “unique”, classy, different. Keep up the good work. D. Tremblay

Mike’s spellbinding delivery captured everyone’s attention. R. Fetters

Mike brings the spirit of the President to reside among us which is mesmerizing. D. Zampino

Mr. Lowe really knows his stuff. Anonymous

You won’t regret introducing this performer to your stage. P. Donnelly